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Email Marketing Strategy – The 1-2 Punch Combo

Boxing Gloves

If you’re not familiar with boxing, the 1-2 punch is a combination of punches that boxers uses during a fight to effectively land their punches.

The first punch is the setup punch. The one in which he opens his opponent up to the power punch to follow. When used at the right times, the 1-2 punch is one of the most effective combinations in boxing.

The same concept (and its effectiveness) applies to email marketing strategy. In the case of email marketing, the 1-2 punch is the welcome email and the incentive offer email.

The Welcome Email (The Setup Punch)

The welcome email (the setup punch) is what you will use to get your email recipients to attach a sense of value to your emails and open them up to the idea of taking advantage of your upcoming offer, whether they see it coming or not.

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One Thing Successful Businesses Do Differently

Marketing Analysis

Successful businesses stay in front of their customers, both current and potential.

Yes, some customers may randomly happen upon your business or its products. More often than not, however, customers decisions to buy a product or service has been cultivated over time.

What is one of the the ways successful businesses do this?

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