Neglect Email Marketing at Your Own Risk

Email Marketing

56% of business owners say they plan to increase their use of email marketing this year.

Are you among them? If so, good.

Like many small business owners though, we planned to increase email marketing efforts last year and the year before that.

For the amount of return email marketing delivers (for very little investment, in comparison), it can no longer be kept on the back burner.

Opportunities Email Marketing Provides

  • The ability to run an effective marketing program on as close to autopilot as possible
  • Substantially increase sales: 66% of online consumers in the US ages 15 and up made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message
  • Take advantage of the shift to mobile: Over 70% of mobile purchasing decisions were influenced by promotional emails
  • Over half of all businesses generate 10% of their sales through email marketing

With the enhancement of email automation services that can be tailored to your specific campaign needs, the return on investment is substantial.

If you’re not doing all you can to maximize email marketing, you are missing out on tremendous opportunities for your business and leaving some serious money on the table as a result.

Author of the upcoming book, “Your Next Email Campaign”. I’ve been an editor and copywriter in the business-to-business marketing industry since 2007. I enjoy providing small business owners and self-employed individuals with the tools and resources necessary to help them succeed in a landscape dominated by larger competitors.
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